Meet Bob

While his success comes from the final image, Bob Hodson's passion can be seen while he is behind the camera. Whether fashion, food, products, or portraits, Bob is naturally creative and motivated to deliver inspiring and relevant imagery for his customers to enhance their brand or their lives.


Most photographers start out talking about the various kinds of cameras they own. They talk about lenses, digital chips, and exposure. Only at the end do they talk about light. Bob never thinks about creating a photograph in this order. Balancing light with subjects and composition is paramount to his success. He has even expanded his business to include exotic photo expeditions, giving him the ability to share his vision with others. By putting together the “Art of Seeing” into his commercial photography and photo expedition business philosophy, Bob creates images by capturing a moment that may never be duplicated. In today’s highly sophisticated world of style, living and travel, “the secret of a clear picture,” he says, “lies in focus.”

For Bob, each assignment is as much an experience as it is an opportunity to share his unique style and artistic point of view. With a camera in his hand, Bob has an insatiable appetite for finding creative perspectives, and that vision is one of many talents keeping him in high demand. There is no doubt among his peers and clients that Bob Hodson will continue to make more and more memorable images doing what he does best – capturing ideas.


“When people ask me to explain how I see what I see, I can only describe myself as a mechanical eye,” says Hodson during a recent interview. “It’s like I’m a machine that can show you the world the way only I can see it. When I am shooting, and in everyday life, I am in constant motion, looking at the object, moving alongside it, under it, through it, so that I can capture and share a fresh perspective of the world. I constantly strive to discover and unveil a world that is yet unknown to others even if they have been looking at the same door, for example, for twenty years, I guarantee I can show them something they’ve never seen.”